CDM Co-ordinator

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (2007) are designed to encourage the appreciation of construction safety at the design stage of a project when many decisions are made which have a bearing on the safety of those working on the construction and those who are to use the building or structure afterwards.

For a notifiable* project for a non domestic** client there is a requirement in the regulations to appoint a CDM co-ordinators who will if required advise the client on Health & Safety matters, assess the competence of the design team, co-ordinate the consideration of Health and Safety by the designer or designers, prepare a package of Health and Safety information for the tenderers and at the end of the construction work prepare a package of Health and Safety information on the completed building for the use of the client and for those involved in any future construction work.

The detailed rules in the regulations governing a notifiable project are (as one might expect for any Brussels inspired legislation) rather more complicated than this simplified summary and if in doubt it is best to take professional advice or consult the regulations directly.

* A notifiable project in general is a construction project lasting more than one month or more than 500 man days on site.

** A non domestic client is a client whose main home is not the building being constructed or altered.