Structural Engineer’s Report

Engineer’s reports

Common areas where we are commissioned to provide engineer’s reports are:

  • Point of sale reports on domestic and occasionally commercial buildings where a surveyor’s or valuer’s report has highlighted specific structural defects e.g. cracking or distortion of walls where specialist advice is required.
  • Planning reports giving advice on suitability of the structure of existing buildings for conversion to other uses e.g. barn conversions.
  • Structural assessment reports giving specific advice on detailed structural recommendations required to comply with Building Regulations when the use of a building is changed e.g. from agricultural to residential.

Building defect investigations

We are often asked by the owners of buildings for advice on what is required to deal with specific building defects which can range from cracking, wall, floor and roof distortions to decay of structural elements etc

In these cases there is no substitute for a detailed systematic investigation of the building in order to isolate the cause or causes of the problem, and when this has been determined to come up with a practical scheme, where possible, to put the problem right.

Causes of defects investigated have ranged widely from timber decay, sulphate attack of concrete floors and brick walls, corrosion of embedded metalwork, poorly designed roofs, poorly altered buildings (far more common than you might think) and poorly built buildings (some going back to the 18th century). This is an interesting area where there is always something new to discover.

Some defects e.g. subsidence and sometimes loss due to escape of water are covered under most building’s insurance policies and usually these are investigated by the insurance companies own engineers or by loss adjusters appointed by them. In our experience some of these investigations are not carried out with an appropriate degree of detail and on occasions getting a second opinion from an independent investigator can be useful. We can provide this service.