Specialist Reports/ Expert Witness

On occasions there is a requirement for specialist reports regarding construction disputes.

These can range from planning appeals to construction litigation or as a result of an informal agreement between parties in an attempt to resolve a dispute.

There are two overriding requirements, the first being technical competence in the area of the dispute and the second a requirement to consider the matter impartially. Ones duty is to give ones truthful opinion on the matters in question.

If a construction dispute ends up in court there is often a need for the services of an Expert Witness to clarify or resolve technical aspects of the case. Expert Witnesses can either be appointed by one of the parties involved in the dispute or appointed directly by the court to give their opinion on a technical aspect of a dispute. The above requirements are the same in each case.

G C Robertson & Associates engineers have prepared specialist reports and acted as expert witnesses on several occasions on a variety of cases and disputes.