Case Study: 60 High Street, Wickham Market

Our new office on the square at Wickham Market is in fact not so new and behind a seemingly 19th Century brick walled exterior lies a timber framed building, probably dating back to the 17th Century.

As with many timber framed buildings the structure has been modified without a real appreciation of the original structure’s function.  An original tie beam and crown post had been removed in order to put in a new staircase.

The original crown plate has broken as a result and although new rafters have been added to straighten up the roof these have not helped to resist spread of the front wall.  In addition the main first floor cross beam has had the bottom 100mm literally hacked off it to increase the available head room downstairs and, to compensate, a chromed round steel post was installed to support the beams, simply built off the floor slab.

In order to deal with the roof spread a new steel beam has been added to prop up the roof structure, this bean was designed with splices to enable it to be easily installed and steel posts have been installed off new pad foundations to support the beam.  A new oak post downstairs replaces a previous chromed steel post and provides a more appropriate look to an office of this age.