Certificate of Lawful Use of Existing Development (Clued) and Mobile Homes

If an existing development, which has not got planning permission or has unfulfilled planning conditions, has been lived in for a long time the there is a time limit (normally 10 years) beyond which these breaches of planning law can no longer be enforced. After this time, it is possible to apply for Certificate of Lawful Use of Existing Development (Clued) which confirms the fact that there are no outstanding planning breaches.

However, it is not possible to get a Clued Certificate for a mobile home or caravan, the siting of which falls outside normal planning law. There is however a grey area of mobile homes or caravans that have been modified of extended so they are no longer relocatable as a single unit or a twin unit.

We have, over the course of several years, produced reports confirming that modified mobile homes or caravans can no longer be considered as relocatable and thus enabled the issue of a Clued Certificate.