Growth and Reinforcement: JMS Legacy Welcomes New Engineers to Support the GCR Partnership and East Anglia Expansion

The recent partnership between JMS Legacy and GCR marks an exciting time of growth and development for both companies. As the partnership expands the range of services offered in the East Anglia region, it’s essential to ensure the team has the necessary resources to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse clientele. To that end, JMS Legacy is proud to welcome three new engineers to the local office, bolstering the existing team and reinforcing their capacity to provide high-quality civil and structural engineering services in the region.

A Stronger Team for a Brighter Future The addition of these skilled professionals to the local office strengthens the team’s ability to tackle a wide variety of projects, from working with historic buildings to providing innovative solutions for modern construction challenges. With the reinforced team, JMS Legacy and GCR are better equipped to deliver outstanding results for their clients, while also fostering growth and development within the East Anglia construction industry.

The new engineers bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to the team, enhancing the collective knowledge and skillset. This infusion of talent will prove invaluable as the partnership between JMS Legacy and GCR continues to grow, allowing the companies to provide exceptional services and establish themselves as leaders in the East Anglia construction sector.

Investing in People: The Key to Success JMS Legacy and GCR understand that the key to long-term success lies in the people who make up their team. By investing in the recruitment of talented professionals, the companies are demonstrating their commitment to providing top-quality services and ensuring client satisfaction. This investment in human resources also paves the way for future growth and expansion, solidifying the partnership’s position in the market.

In addition to recruiting new engineers, JMS Legacy and GCR prioritise ongoing professional development for their entire team. This includes providing opportunities for training, mentorship, and skill enhancement, helping team members stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. This focus on professional growth not only benefits the individual employees but also contributes to the overall success of the partnership and the quality of service provided to clients.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Opportunities for Growth The future holds great promise for the JMS Legacy-GCR partnership as they continue to expand their presence in the East Anglia region. With the addition of three new engineers, the local office is well-prepared to meet the demands of a diverse and growing clientele. As the team grows stronger and more versatile, clients in the region can expect exceptional civil and structural engineering services that cater to their unique needs and project requirements.

JMS Legacy and GCR are thrilled to welcome the new engineers to their team and look forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Together, they are committed to driving innovation, growth, and lasting impact in the East Anglia construction industry.