Mathematical Tiles

Woodbridge is a spectacularly beautiful town, but when you live/work/shop there it is easy to miss much of the richness of the townscape around you. This article aims to help us to look again and hopefully, in a small...
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Rubbed and Gauged Brickwork

If you look at an average brick wall around Woodbridge you will notice that the individual bricks are separated by mortar, which is usually about 10mm thick. The mortar has several functions, preventing the passage of water through the...
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Roof Spread and How To Resist It

by John Davis Traditional timber framed buildings in Suffolk invariably have pitched roof structures, originally covered either with thatch, clay tiles, or later with slates imported from other parts of the country. These coverings are supported by timber rafters,...
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A Structural Engineers Look at Timber Framing

By John Davis Richard Harris in his excellent book ‘Discovering Timber Framed Buildings’ suggests that “it is generally misleading to analyze traditional carpentry using modern structural analysis”, James Bentwod in his SPAB pamphlet ‘Repairing Timber Framed Buildings’ only mentions...
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